Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Predictions for 2016

  1. Content OptimizationContent will become more and more important in 2016. By content text alone will not be sufficient. Visually pleasing content such as images and videos will also dominate in 2016. Infographics might reach a saturation point and more importance will be given to interactive infographics. 
  2. User Experience OptimizationUser Experience will also see changes from mobile perspectives. More and more websites will be focusing on optimizing navigations for easy usage. Mega Menu will become less popular in 2016. Scrolling both vertically and horizontally will be the dominating trend in Mobile Websites.
  3. Code OptimizationUse of various tags inside the code will be more significant in 2016. Web Developers will be busy learning HTML codes that are coming into and going out of Schema. More descriptions related to codes will be displayed in source code of websites. More standardisation will be coming to coding practises. 
  4. Keyword OptimizationBranded and  non branded keywords will have equal importance in 2016. Separate Search Engine Optimization Strategies will be adopted as far as keyword research is conducted. The myth about Long tail keywords will be bursted in 2016.
  5. Social Media OptimizationSocial Signals will become a trend in Search Engine Optimization. Content of website shared on various social media platforms will become popular. Google may start a new Social Media Platform and early adopters will definitely gain in long run. 
  6. Online SecurityOnline Security fear will dominate in the year 2016. Search Engines may remove HTTPS signal for static websites with content not updated. Ecommerce websites and data driven websites will be ranking with respect to security guarantee. 
  7. Mobile OptimizationSpeed will thrill in Mobile with new technologies going to be introduced in 2016. Progressive loading and responsive web design will also dominate in the coming year. Unique Call To Action elements will be coming to Mobile version of websites. 
  8. Conversational SearchThe next year will see SEO professionals researching on adjectives to make conversational search more reliable. Voice Search Optimization may evolve as a separate category in Internet Marketing. 
  9. Structured DataAdoption of Schema and Dublin Core will be becoming more important in the coming months. Knowledge Graph based queries will be changing its look and feel in 2016. More Schema Tags will be adopted by Google and Bing in 2016
  10. Local Search OptimizationTravel Less and Buy Local slogans will be promoted by Search engines. This will be changing the Hotels Search and Stores Search Sectors in 2016. More Research will be going on in 2016 with respected to targeted seo of Mobile Apps. 

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